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This unique partnership between Ama Brewery, Niepoort Vinhos and Chá Camélia has given birth to an exceptional limited edition Pét-nat Tea that closes the gap between tea farming and viticulture, winemaking and fine-aged kombucha brewing.

A Symbiotic Collaboration:

A collective veneration of the intricate bond between the agricultural nature of tea and grapes, and sophisticated fermentation and ageing of wine and our Pét-nat tea. This is a movement deeply rooted in an intrepid search for terroir, responsible sourcing and rejecting the status quo. The efforts of Chá Camélia shine in their relentless pursuit to uplift tea culture and showcase exceptional teas and farmers. Niepoort Vinhos, with its 181-year legacy, has established itself amongst the greatest of port and wine producers, proving that tradition can indeed coexist with forward-thinking innovations. Ama Brewery discovered a novel method of bottle-ageing kombucha in the méthode ancestrale and have gained a reputation for the craft of responsibly sourced, complex gastronomic Pét-nat teas that can be found on some of the most exclusive wine lists and pairings in 28 countries.


Chá Camélia was born from the dream of Nina Gruntkowski to produce tea in the North of Portugal. Today they organically cultivate 12,000 plants over a hectare with a biodynamic spirit, in which everything used on the land comes from the surrounding environment. Inspired by the ancient tea cultures of Asia, and Japan in particular, they are renowned for their high-quality tea, harvested and transformed by hand. They hold workshops and events at their tea gardens to promote tea culture and its fascinating rituals. Not only do they cultivate their own exceptional teas, but they also search for the most exciting and innovative tea gardens around the world, each as unique as the next but with one clear characteristic in common: terroir.

The unique Pipacha tea crafted by Nina Gruntkowski of Chá Camélia begins life as an Oolong responsibly cultivated in Fujian, China, aged in decades-old Porto barrels in contact with their lees.

The singular waters of the Alzola spring have filtered for 27 years through the limestone of the Izarraitz Massif in the Basque Country, resulting in the unique mineral composition that is intrinsic to the texture and depth of flavour of our Pét-nat teas.

Tradition, Modernised

Niepoort is a family company made up of visionaries, talented, bold, curious and restless people, since Franciscus Marius Niepoort founded the company in 1842. 

All its wines are made with extreme rigor and dedication, respect and curiosity for the terroir and, increasingly, with environmental awareness. These premises dictate the spirit of the team, guiding it in the consolidation of the project and in the construction of an even better future.

With production in Douro, Dão, Bairrada, Vinho Verde, Alentejo and Mosel (GE), Niepoort has its wines in the markets of more than 50 countries, all over the world.

These results are the result of meticulous work, but also of the innovative spirit that arises from the partnership and the intergenerational relationship. In the history of Niepoort, there are always two generations collaborating: Currently, the fifth and sixth – Dirk, Daniel and Marco Niepoort – are in full and fervent activity.

Created by a team of fine dining chefs, artisan wine makers, scientists, craftsmen, and tea experts, Ama Brewery’s Pét-nat tea is the next generation of sophisticated, low-alcohol drink.

Complex, elegant and terroir driven. Perfect as an aperitif. In a cocktail. To enhance and elevate the food experience.

Inspired by the Méthode Ancestrale used to craft the finest of Champagnes, Ama Brewery discovered a novel method to create a fine-aged kombucha suitable for use in the gastronomic setting. Bottle-aged for at least 6 months on their lees, these Pét-nat teas can now be found in 28 countries on some of the best wine lists and pairings.

Ever intrepid in their search for the most unique, responsibly sourced teas and herbs, these Pét-nat teas represent the purest expression of tea, fermentation and water.

Driven by an innovative spirit that is never restricted by labels, Ama Brewery continues to lead the way in the development of the premium NoLo drinking experience.

The Vision Ahead:

This triumvirate foresees a world where sophisticated, hedonistic drinking doesn’t necessarily equate to high alcohol content. It’s about a generation of drinkers who seek elegance, flavour, and ethos in their beverages, no matter the category.

In essence, this collaborative effort—combining the genius of chefs, tea masters and winemakers—presents a forward-thinking future where every sip of a drink narrates a story of the land, the farmer, and the artistry of its creators.

Vol. 4 Pipacha

Elusive Cuvées Vol. 4 Pipacha

Matured for months in decades-old Niepoort port barrels with their lees, the semi-oxidised oolong tea from Chá Camélia used to craft this rare cuvée Pét-nat Tea combines dried fruit and delicate tannin structure with the renowned Niepoort honey and portwine depth. Brewed with water from the Izarraitz Massif in the Basque Country, Elusive Cuvée Vol. 4 is a fine-aged kombucha bringing together three companies working for the future of drinks. Responsibly cultivated tea from Fujian, China, aged in the most progressive centuries-old winery in Porto, fermented in the Basque Country.

Best served at 9-11°C.

Just 249 bottles were produced.

Ama pét-nat tea is a fine-aged low-alcohol drink made with water from the Izarraitz Massif in the Basque Country and carefully selected varieties of tea and herbal infusions. Elusive Cuvée Vol. 4 is wrapped in oak, yeast, raisin, and green apple.

Tea: Pipacha Oolong Tea, Fujian, China.

Tasting notes: Wrapped in oak, yeast, raisin, and green apple. Fine, gentle bubbles

Origin: This unique Pipacha tea starts life as an Oolong cultivated in Fujian, China, before being aged for more than a year in Niepoort Portwine barrels in contact with their lees.

Water From the Alzola spring, Izarraitz Massif, in the Basque Country.

Elaboration: Once in contact with cultures of bacteria and yeast, the infusions, prepared using spring water, begin to ferment. Both precision and balance are fundamental in the transformation of the kombucha. These factors, together with the continued evolution and ageing in the bottle, are what allow Ama to become its own distinctive self.

Ageing: This elusive Ama pét-nat tea cuvée is aged in the bottle for at least 6 months. It will continue to improve over time.

Master brewers: Dani Lasa and Ramon Perisé.

Pairings:  Works beautifully with rich dishes featuring butter or cream. Complements charcuterie and smoked fish, such as salami, chorizo or salmon. It pairs well with rice, bulgur, and couscous.

When to drink: Best served by the glass to accompany dishes with autumnal or winter flavours, especially roasted or barbecued products.

Serve Preferably at 9-11ºC/48–52°F in a white wine glass. Handle and open carefully to preserve the bubbles. The sediment (the small particles of lees resulting from fermentation) present in each bottle can be served or kept in the bottle.

Storage Store in a cool, dry place.

Alcohol content 2,7%.

Size 750 ml.

Production: Limited cuvée of just 249 bottles total, aged for at least 6 months.

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