Fermenting impossible dreams

Ama pét-nat tea. Low in alcohol, lightly sparkling, and deliciously complex. A fine-aged, fermented infusion for the modern lifestyle.

Brewed with passion in the Basque country using local spring water and high-quality tea and herbs.

A Quest for Flavour

Modern consumers want to be dazzled by adventurous new products. Theirs is a search for pleasure, ours is the quest for flavour.

Created by a team of fine dining chefs, artisan wine makers, scientists, craftsmen, and tea expert Henrietta Lovell. Ama pét-nat tea is the next generation of sophisticated, low-alcohol drinks. 

Complex, elegant and terroir driven. Perfect as an aperitif. In a cocktail. To enhance and elevate the food experience.

“We believe the future of drink pairings in restaurants will challenge the status quo. Low and non-alcoholic alternatives have become part of traditional wine pairings and have given mixologists more to play for. Our bottle-aged kombucha is as complete a drinking experience as any fine wine, beer or sake. Less alcohol – more experience.”

Dani Lasa and Ramon Perisé, Ama Brewery

Terroir meets Technique

What began as a guerrilla group of friends brewing new-wave, aged kombuchas in a garage lock-up on a San Sebastian back-street, evolved into a fully-fledged R&D facility.

SCOBY – the symbiotic culture of bacteria or yeast – facilitates the fermentation process. Literally the ‘mother’, it feeds on the infusion transforming it into an elegant beverage. 

Using high-quality tea and herbs, Ama pét-nat tea is brewed with pure Basque mountain water. Its exceptionally low minerality highlights the complex flavours created during the ferment.

Depending on the composition of these infusions and the action of the SCOBYs, the micro-batches are ready for bottling between one and three weeks later, when simple sugars, yeasts, and bacteria have achieved the right balance. The closed environment of the bottle means the bacteria are starved of air and are unable to excessively acidify the drink. The yeasts, meanwhile, continue turning simple sugars into bubbles. 

As the bubbles mature they decrease in size, becoming more integrated into the liquid. Aromas intensify, flavours harmonise, and the mouthfeel becomes silky. Our micro-batch kombucha is released to market after a minimum of six months bottle aging, when it is more rounded and each infusion has developed a distinct character that results in an exceptional drinking experience. 

The resulting Amas are lightly sparkling, richly flavoured and elegant – a true expression of the terroir and craftsmanship that go into them.

Craftmanship meets Alchemy

The Basque passion for the land and mother nature runs deep. Hundreds of different types of water and infusions were tested before settling on those that craft our brew.

Ura – Water

It takes 27 years for pure Bay of Biscay rain water to filter through the spike-hilled limestone of the Izarraitz Mountain – meaning ‘rocks from the stars’ – before emerging at the Alzola spring water facility. The long, slow filtration results in exceptionally low minerality water that allows our teas and herbs to fully express themselves.

Lurra – Terroir

The Rare Tea Company’s tea and herbs are chosen because of their rich complexity and taste. Grown by small scale, sustainable farmers who seek exceptional flavour – these teas and herbs express the terroir of Japan, China, India, Sri Lanka and Africa, as well as foraged wild plants from the Basque Country.

Landare – Plants

By infusing the tea and herbs with precision, we can attain similar varietal differentiations as those in fine wine, or a quality sake. The drinking experience ranges from kombuchas with a fine, rippling acidity, to slightly bitter or tamed tannins, which pair beautifully with food.

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Ama – Mother

A small amount of kombucha starter from a previous batch is added to the new infusion until it reaches a friendly pH for the Ama. The SCOBY is then laid carefully across the top. As the organism feasts on its environment, the infusion transforms into a sophisticated, full-flavoured, fermented beverage.

Denbora – Time

Once bottled, our kombuchas are aged for a minimum of 6 months. This reduces the sweetness from simple sugars and brings complexity and character to the finished product.

Tea and herbs

We sought out people who share our passion for land and terroir. People who believe in sustainable and organic farming methods. People who support farmers that grow plants for flavour not output.

Ama pét-nat tea

Ama pét-nat tea is a delicious new fine-aged sparkling drink, low in alcohol and created for the modern lifestyle. Designed to drink by itself, enhance a pairing, or cocktail menu, without compromising on the experience.

We recommend serving like a fine wine or champagne, a craft beer or an artisanal cider, as an aperitif, or a fully integrated part of the menu.

  • Serve in a wine glass at 9–11ºC.
  • The Ama sentinel (SCOBY present in every bottle) can be served or removed.
  • Handle and open carefully to preserve the bubbles. 
  • Store in a cool, dry place.


Ama pét-nat tea is a new low alcohol drink made with water from the Izarraitz Massif in the Basque Country and the Yabukita variety of sencha tea from Shizuoka, Japan. Because sencha has thinner leaves it needs less steaming to create the green tea used in our Kombucha.

Tea: Yabukita variety Sencha.

Farmer: Located in the Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan the Moriuchi Tea Garden was planted during the Edo period. It is the life work of the Moriuchi family whose knowledge has been passed down generation by generation. The steep gardens use organic farming methods to produce the finest, hand-picked sencha.

Tasting Notes: Aromas of delicate herbs. Minerality, salinity, and umami with notes of seaweed appear in the mouth, with a very elegant silky texture.
A complex and harmonious drink, which is a clear expression of the land from which it comes, similar to a delicate sake.
Silky on the palate. Long aftertaste. Fine bubble.

Aging: Ama pét-nat tea is 6 months bottle aged and will continue to improve with time. May be aged even further, for up to 3 years.

Pairings: BAT is perfect with fatty fish, oysters, clams, and other shellfish.

Drinking moments: Ama pét-nat tea is a new sparkling delicious drink, low in alcohol, for the modern lifestyle.

Production: Microbatch brewing. Each fermentation produces around 280 bottles.

Glass: Enjoy in white wine glasses.

Alcohol grading: 1.5%.

Size: 750 ml.

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Ama pét-nat tea is a new low alcohol drink made with water from the Izarraitz Massif in the Basque Country and organic lemongrass from a nature reserve at Amba, in the mountains above the Ravanna waterfalls in Sri Lanka.

Tea: Lemongrass from Sri Lanka.

Farmer: The small, organic tea garden Amba Estate in the Uva Highlands of Sri Lanka, grows a wild variety of native lemongrass which is a herb, rather than a tea. The lemongrass, Cymbopogon flexuosus, is hand-harvested by machete and dried in the sun to maximise the plant’s uniquely rich essential oils.

Tasting Notes: Aromas predominantly of citrus fruits and balsamic herbs. With a touch of sweetness, it is reminiscent of a lemon and mint sweet. In the mouth, notes of white flowers and spices such as ginger, juniper, kaffir lime, galangal, and white pepper appear. A “crunchy” texture with lively bubbles. 

Aging: Ama pét-nat tea is 6-month bottle aged and will continue to improve with time. May be aged even further, for up to 3 years.

Pairings: BI works very well with shellfish, grilled fish, and citrus or lactic-based desserts. Is also perfect for mixing refreshing cocktails.

Drinking moments: Ama pét-nat tea is a new sparkling delicious drink, low in alcohol, for the modern lifestyle.

Production: Micro-batch brewing. Each fermentation produces around 280 bottles.

Glass: Enjoy in white wine glasses.

Alcohol grading: 1.5%.

Size: 750 ml.

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Dani Lasa – Chef and Executive Director

With many years of experience as the head chef of fine dining restaurants, Dani had long been interested in the potential of Kombucha. Having built an entire career centred around the search for flavour, he knew the fermentation process could dramatically impact the drink’s structure, flavour profile and acidity, making it a natural partner to food. His network of restaurant contacts, entrepreneurship (Dani is co-founder of Bombyx Mori SL) and his own research, are now paving the way to a new category of haute kombuchas.

Ramon Perisé – Chef and Technical Director

Ramon spent many years working in the R&D department of a fine dining restaurant and became passionate about natural yeasts and spontaneous fermentations as part of his experimentations. When a German kombucha enthusiast sent him his first scoby through the post, he started looking at the possibilities more radically and when some of his early bottles exploded after he inadvertently left them to age for several weeks, he realised aging was the key. Those that remained had reached the point of excellence he was looking for.

Sancho Rodríguez – Artisan Wine Maker

Sancho grew up playing among the vineyards of the 14th century Granja Remelluri estate in Rioja. His father purchased the vineyard in 1967 and from that day onwards the land never saw chemicals or artificial fertilizers, which led to his passion for artisanal, innovative and small-batch wines. His knowledge is invaluable in helping to create a premium Kombucha that is also accessible to a world market.

Mariano and Pablo Fernández Soto – Scientific Analysts

The founders of Dolmar Living – a benchmark in crafting innovative new products in the food, beverage and fermentation industries – came on board to optimize the production process. Their detailed analysis means precise, quantifiable results and ensures consistency across the product range. They aim to create a bank of expert Kombucha knowledge and fixed tasting parameters.

Gema Serrano – Technician

Gema had her own lab as a research centre for food where she began co-ordinating high-profile projects that connected the world of technology with the world of fine dining. She is responsible for product quality control.

Henrietta Lovell – Tea Expert, Rare Tea Company

With nearly 20 years of experience sourcing and tasting some of the world’s finest loose-leaf teas, Henrietta’s knowledge is second to none. Ever intrepid in her search, she works directly with organic farmers in some of the world’s most remote places, going deep into how their product is grown, harvested and brewed, to bring Ama Brewery the best types of tea for making fine, distinctive kombuchas.


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